Gambling is a quite gainful occupation. Just choosing the right bets and athletes (to predict the victory) you can get earnings. However, it’s possible to gain not only on the stake itself. Special offers from bookmakers are essential too. Here is the short review on what to pay attention above all.

The types of bets – basics

The sport in general is made up of various markets on which you can base your predictions. However, in the specific case of this discipline, there are some of particular stakes to use, like on:

  • the winner of the race;
    This is expected to be the simplest bet in the cycling category. Depending on the athletes and the length of the course, bookmakers post a report that will contain the name of the participant who is in first place, followed by the rest of the positions.
  • the winner of the stage;
    To define this stake in simpler terms, it’s all about who will win the stage, despite the competition being set in the mountains, mid-mountain or on a flat surface. The complexity of the stages lies in the existence of 2 or 3 preferred participants whose odds are reduced and are attached to certain courses.
  • the ‘head to head’ offer;
    Such a forecast is on the two athletes nominated as favourites who battle out for victory at the end of a stage or the entire race. A comparative table is set between the skills of one participant and the other who will persevere to win the course.

Special bonuses and promotions for betting

One of the reasons why people are gambling more and more is because of the numerous promotions and bonuses offered by bookmakers. The offers launched are very profitable and regardless of the type they are, they always allow you to get the most out of your stakes.
The best known and most used bonus is the ‘welcome gift’. Bookmakers look for new users and try to attract them by giving them this bonus. Thanks to the ‘welcome gift’ you are able to multiply your first deposit, which allows you to place the first bets with more peace of mind.
In addition, in the promotions section you will also find stakes and bonuses with which you can get different benefits. The bookmakers do not hesitate to launch new offers prior to the start of big races or stages. Promotions are the best way to make the tough stages of this wonderful sport even more attractive. The agencies give promotions especially on the three grand tours (Giro, Tour and Vuelta).
One of the most popular ones is the refund offer if the rider you bet on does not finish the stage. Thanks to this promotion you will have the advantage of playing with a refund on your bets.
Except for the chance to get refunds for crashes, there are also promotions if your rider does not finish in the top 10. Getting the winner of a stage is always tricky, but thanks to this one you have a much better chance of not losing your money.
At many bookmakers, you also have the well-known improved odds. In this way, you are able to play with much higher odds than the real one. This gives you the opportunity to get much more out of your prediction.

So can this knowledge help to be successful in betting on cycling?

Of course, they can. A heap of opportunities are present in the market. However, everything depends on you, as the final decision is always up to you. Therefore, don’t waste time and dig into the case even today.