Complete manual of gainful cycling betting

Cycling is a well-known sport, which fascinates millions of casual cyclists, track-side cheerleaders or fans all around the world.

Besides its staginess, the discipline is very suitable for gambling. It’s not so difficult to make cash making stakes in competitions. You are not even obliged to visit events itself, in a modern Internet (or digitalization) era the issue is solved with the help of broadcasting. Moreover the variety of good skills may be achieved while staking, like analyzing, predicting, etc. So let’s overview what to consider and actually how to make forecasts to be in the black.

Where to start cycling betting?

At the beginning any gamester bumps into the question: where can I place a bet?
Indeed, the industry has already developed so much that it’s not a problem at all. Today you may find thousands of bookmakers offering their service. There are many markets to play on, from world championships to grand tours and one-day classics. The main thing is that it’s also available both in real live mode and online dimension.

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Also different stakes’ types will be found. For example, it’s widely thought that outright gambling gives more choice than just playing on the overall winners. Moreover, you can also make stakes on the winner of a stage, the points classification or the options among the younger riders, etc.

Which types of bets on cycling exist?

As we have already mentioned, the variety of offers is huge. Besides those ones above, such options are captured (usually all the well-reputed bookmakers offer them):

  • head-to-head gambling;
    Gamesters are open to place stakes between two sportsmen and then keep an eye on them until one crosses the finish line.
  • live opportunities;
    Live cycling betting is one of the most popular and convenient options nowadays. Using this you are able to both study movements on the course of the event and placing stakes on every stage where athletes can make up time.
  • stage winner margin;
    As a rule, in the agencies it’s offered to gamble on the winning margins on every stage of every major race. Also the opportunity to use own experience, competing with bookmaker’s experts, is included.
  • high and low stakes.
    In cycling there are all kinds of sports bets, even some special ones, for instance,
    ‘high’ and ‘low’.

Here it’s possible to choose on the complete course, the possibility of finishing the stage above or below the favorite (or under favorite)athletes. You may take advantage of this option to gamble on the chances of being over or under in the number of time trial victories.

Cycling betting tips to remember

When it comes to useful tips, many of the rules in traditional sports staking apply. Research on the discipline is by far the most important aspect. The more knowledge you accumulate, the better equipped you will be to analyze odds and uncover offers.
Don’t forget to keep abreast of the participants’ form and positive results in the six weeks leading up to the event. This is a crucial indicator to hit.
Knowing the sportsmen’s specific strengths and weaknesses is another recommendation, as it can help identify particularly strong bets on different stages and courses.
If you’ve managed to get a good understanding of where the cyclists’ pros and cons lie, you will easily analyze the offer’s benefits.

Gambling on the Cycling World Championships

The Union Cycliste Internationale (more commonly known as the UCI) oversees the World Cycling Championships for 10 different cycling events and almost everywhere you can find bets on its competitions.
Whether it’s road or track cycling, mountain biking, marathon mountain biking, urban cycling, cyclocross, BMX, indoor or para-cycling championships, our platform offers you all the options you need to place your stakes on them.
You are open to participate in any or all of the disciplines contested at the World Championships, thanks to the wide range of betting options available.

Cycling betting on the Grand Tours

The Grand Tours represent the real pinnacle when it comes to road cycling. Gamesters may stake on such big events as the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España, etc.
However, even in the Grand Tours there is a hierarchy and it’s fair to say that the Tour de France is considered to be the top of it.
In addition to gambling on the overall winners, there are also other “titles” in the race, such as the King of the Mountains.

Staking on cycling’s classic (one-day) competitions

When there are no bets on the Cycling World Championships, or the Tour de France odds are minimal, the one-day or “classics” events are worth considering. However, almost every country has a wide list of similar events, pay attention to such as Milan-San Remo, Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Giro di Lombardia, etc.

So is cycling betting worth trying or not?

For sure, nobody may make a decision to dig into the case, except for you. Before starting or avoiding such an occupation, mention all of the pros and cons. Such a gambling is a gainful leisure time, which can really give you extra outcomes, but without any effort, the success will not be achieved.
As in every activity you need to have a good preparation, for example, make a detailed analysis of the participants (leading and ‘underdogs’), meaning, discover their physical and mental shape, statistical indicators, previous performance, motivation, etc. The weather conditions and the place of setting of the event is of high importance too.
The quick succession of events is one more feature of cycling betting, but for some gamesters it is a con, thus the reason to give up on the case. But indeed that’s not a big issue.
We hope you have got all the necessary information to keep participating in the market.